Educational studies routinely show that all students can see a benefit from one-on-one tutoring, regardless of age, grade level, learning style, or academic performance. However, the service that we provide at Walker is more than just “teaching to the grade.”

Through the course of your student’s sessions with his or her tutors, we provide insights and lessons that will not only maximize your student’s academic performance, but will contextualize and personalize the information in a way that will serve them throughout the course of their lives.

Who are we helping?

Elementary School Students. Your student’s foundational years are tremendously important in that they provide a foundation for each one of the grades that follow. Our tutors are trained to examine how your child may be conceptualizing school. What do they think is the purpose of school itself? What intimidates them about the classroom? How do they view themselves as a student? How do they react to adversity or academic setbacks? By being advocates for our young learners, Walker tutors place themselves in a position to help children construct a positive, proactive approach to work and learning that leads to better scores and more positive mental health.

Junior High School Students. For students between the ages of 12 and 14, school can be a very challenging environment. First, the expectations placed on them by teachers become heightened. Second, they begin to seek out a greater level of independence and agency, which is often denied to them for reasons they do not fully understand. Third, their teachers start to provide less emotional support and shield them less from criticism, which can result in them becoming withdrawn or wounded. We begin with an awareness of this educational context. By working with students in junior high, Walker tutors don’t just improve scores, but help students of this age range walk the shaky ground leading out of childhood. (And don’t worry, parents: we speak teenager!)

High School Students. As many parents will tell you, from grade 9 onwards, the pressure begins to mount. Today’s colleges are becoming even more competitive and high school material becomes more complex with each new year. At Walker, we help our pupils cultivate a positive outlook that allows them to overcome these challenges. Not only are Walker tutors well-versed in advanced subjects like Algebra II, Chemistry, US History, AP English, and Trigonometry, but we explain them in a way that makes sense to your child. As a result, Walker students more confidently walk the path to becoming independent and efficient college-bound seniors.

College Students. Your child may be struggling with completing math or writing prerequisites—especially if they’ve never self-identified as being “that kind of student.” Perhaps they need a professional-grade writer to help them take their essays and written communication to the next level. Whatever the case, subject matter experts at Walker are standing by and ready to help college students excel in their coursework and demonstrate a mastery of their chosen majors.