Walker offers the benefit of convenience: when you book a session, we come to you. Working at your home allows our tutors the benefit of working with your child in a natural, comfortable, and stress-free environment. We prefer to book ongoing, weekly sessions that will allow us to consistently check your child’s progress through the material.

Our tutors can provide help with all of the following during your child’s session:

•   Junior high, high school, and college math

•   Essays and personal statements

•   All levels of writing and language arts

•   Development of reading comprehension skills

•   Strategies for overcoming test anxiety

•   Improvement of study habits and work ethics



We strongly feel that in order to maximize your child’s academic success and personal growth, at least two regularly-scheduled hours each week are required for the duration of the school year. This represents a solid baseline for the amount of time our tutors need to work through foundational issues, help with homework, and assist in studying for upcoming tests. To see results in multiple subjects and to more quickly build excellent work habits, more time is strongly recommended.

For self-motivated students looking for a little extra help, booking a regular session once a week can be an excellent resource. We recommend this option for students who desire a way to move towards mastery of their assignments and knowledge levels. Often, a regular “check up” will keep a student on-track and aware of several issues that could affect their grade. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is often worth a pound of cure.

For the most current rates and pricing, please give us a call at (818) 749-2053.


Cancellation Policy

Parents receive one “freebie” cancellation on regularly-booked appointments every 4 months. Thereafter, Walker charges $45 for any session not canceled within 24 hours.