At Walker, we try our hardest to differentiate ourselves from what you might picture from a standard tutoring service. Together, our operations and educational methods offer you and your child all of the following benefits:

  • Personalized Education. There’s no “one size fits all” among our students. Each client we work with comes to us with a unique set of strengths and academic obstacles. It’s our point of pride to learn about them and how they work in order to break down the material in a way that makes our lessons relevant and memorable.
  • One-on-One Teaching. At Walker, every student receives one-on-one education. Besides giving your child our full and undivided attention for the duration of a session, working one-on-one allows students to feel comfortable with asking questions and being honest about their understanding of the material. Without having to worry about “where the rest of the class is,” we can focus purely on teaching.
  • Continuity of Care. At Walker, we strive to make sure that your child sees a familiar face each meeting. Learning is so much more enjoyable and efficient when we’re taught by people we like and respect. At many tutoring centers, your student may be bounced around between dozens of different tutors as the semester proceeds. With us, your tutor will become a familiar face who will get to know your child a little better with each session—and, just the same, each session will allow your child to know and trust our tutor a little more each time. We value long-term relationships above all else.
  • Total Convenience. One of our biggest advantages is that we go to you. On the one hand, we know that your child will do better, more focused work in the comfort of his or her own home. However, from the perspective of a parent, there are no pick-up or drop-off times to worry about with our service. Save yourself the time, frustration, and gas!
  • Positive Reinforcement. Two of the biggest gifts a student can have at any point in their academic career are confidence and optimism. Our goal is to reduce your child’s levels of stress and anxiety, not add to them. In turn, we develop pupils with a healthier and more proactive outlook toward their classes and their ability to successfully face new challenges.