Walker Education, LLC was designed from the ground up to be a superior tutoring service. Combining one-on-one education with years of experience, we’ve become a name that parents associate with both academic results and the personal growth of their students.

Each session, our tutor will travel to your home so that we can provide individualized academic support in a setting where your child feels most comfortable. As a result, we foster a higher level of discussion and communication, and allow your student to reach new heights of mastery and exceptionalism.

We believe that earning a grade to be proud of is just one piece of the puzzle. After working with us, our students…

  • Raise grades
  • Are more confident with their abilities and knowledge levels
  • Can more easily communicate and negotiate with their teachers
  • Confront challenges proactively and learn from mistakes
  • Build a strong academic work ethic
  • Become more independent and self-motivated
  • Break bad habits that could unintentionally lower their grade
  • Complete tasks more efficiently
  • Are self-aware of their learning process
  • Learn how to maximize their unique strengths as students
  • Develop long-term planning skills to successfully achieve their goals