Our tutors are made up of extremely bright, knowledgeable, and ambitious young men and women. Each tutor employed by Walker is selected on the basis of their advanced education, standardized test scores, personal achievements, and extremely strong writing ability.

However, we also look just as strongly at every tutor’s interpersonal skills, their ability to make students feel appreciated and accepted, and at their passion to mentor a new generation of young minds. Walker tutors aren’t just “smart.” They are vetted for their ability to easily explain difficult concepts. They communicate the value of a strong work ethic and show their pupils how to confront challenges independently.

Just as importantly, our tutors know how to adapt the concepts they teach to your child’s unique character and learning preferences. They inspire others through their strong values and warm personalities. Additionally, they receive ongoing professional development in order to make them even better equipped to help their students.

In short, a Walker tutor will develop your child to their full potential. Contact us today, and we can begin the process of matching one of our youthful and energetic team members with your child’s academic goals.