Below, you’ll find a small collection of testimonials that we’ve collected from both parents and students. We’re pleased to present a few of their stories.

In addition to all of the testimonials here, please also let us know if you’d like to personally contact one of our parents—they’re more than happy to share their experiences with our service and why they feel Walker is a superior choice!


I first started working with Walker after several younger members of my family came back with extremely positive reports about their experiences. For the last 6 years, both of my daughters (Hana and Sachi) have worked with a Walker tutor in various capacities. As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, I was extremely impressed with these young people’s knowledge level, ambition, and sense of purpose in their work. As a mother, however, I most respected our tutor’s ability to bond with my daughters and inspire them to reach their highest levels of achievement.

Today, Hana is at Loyola Marymount University, and Sachi is at the Marshall School of Business at USC. Amazingly, our tutor is still able to provide them with compassionate and personalized education, as well as the guidance they seek in order to help them navigate their college workloads. I couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve received! I would absolutely recommend Walker to any mother who wants to provide her child with a resource that will help them become a better student.

-Betty Porto


I have really enjoyed working with Walker for the past 4 or 5 years because my tutor is not your typical boring teacher who doesn’t seem to really be there with you. When I have a session with my tutor, I am excited… as weird as that sounds… because I know that I am going to learn or get help on something in a way that I will understand it. Over the years, my tutor and I have formed what I would like to call a relationship that’s pretty cool. I would strongly recommend Walker as a tutoring service because not only do they get the point across to you in a way that you will grasp, but they will accomplish that while still being exciting and fun at the same time!

-Daniel Medina


Straight out of high school I chose not to take my math placement test at my community college. Unfortunately, I eventually had to take it, after waiting so long that I forgot what little I knew and placed in one of the lowest math classes. I chose to take a self-paced math course to hopefully advance as quickly as I could. My younger sister had been tutored through Walker for quite some time and I knew that would be my best bet throughout this course. My tutor stuck by my side throughout the entire thing.

It was a blessing in disguise that I placed so low because I was refreshed and was retaught, which was so helpful because I was actually learning!! This is the kind of tutoring that brings out the best in you. My tutor was so real and honest. He let me know when I was slacking and motivated me to jump 5 math courses in a semester, placing into the standard level of math I needed to be at. He would call and text me after my tests to make sure I did well and was willing to meet with me any time of day to review before my exams. He stayed late nights and came early mornings. I don’t know what I would have done without Walker and because of the way I was taught, I still carry those lessons with me today.

-Kylee Casey


Walker’s assistance has been invaluable to me over the 5 years we have been working together. My tutor helped me improve my writing skills dramatically and took my essays to the next level. Even now as a college student, I can say that his insight has helped me succeed and tackle even the most difficult writing prompts. Whether you are in elementary school or in a university, Walker can help you achieve you academic goals.

-Sachi Kawabata


My son Tre has worked with the Walker tutors for the past 5 years. For most of that time, our tutor Clayton was here almost every day. Because of the nature of my husband’s work, our family moves a lot, and that really affected Tre’s ability to focus and have confidence. Clayton was the one constant in Tre’s academic life. With his dedication and his approach to tutoring, Tre was able to learn, grow, and find confidence in his own abilities.

As Walker expanded, Tre began to work with another one of the tutors that Clayton mentored and taught. Again, I was grateful and extremely impressed! This is a group of excellent teachers, but more than that, they’re dedicated tutors who can be counted on. Tre saw a familiar face every session, and he wasn’t juggled from person to person. My son was always in caring hands, and to me that was the most important thing about the entire process.

I highly recommend Walker to any parent looking for a tutor who is committed to truly helping their child succeed.

-Diane Polamalu


My mom called Walker Education when I was in seventh grade. I’d worked with tutors before, but none of them were really that motivated and would typically go their own way after a few months. What impressed me about my tutor right from the first session was that he was always patient. I could count on him to break concepts down as many times as I needed in order to understand them in a way that made sense to me. He kept me on track and accountable, and I was fortunate to have a really solid work ethic in place by the time I got to a private high school.

If you would have told me in junior high that I was going to study math in college, I would have said you were crazy! But today, I’m working my way toward a degree in Business Accounting, and I still find it absolutely valuable to have regular sessions with Walker to keep my skills sharp. In my case, everything I’ve learned from junior high math, to college algebra and essay writing, has helped me get ahead.

-Sam Kachikian


It was in junior high that I noticed that my son Sam needed a little extra help. Talking with his math teacher, it was clear that he was really struggling in class and having a hard time with consistency. The teacher referred me to Walker Education and said that they had helped a lot of his past students make tremendous strides.

From the first consultation with Walker, I felt right at home. It was clear to me that this was an educational company that really put their pupils first. I didn’t want Sam to feel like he was “in trouble” or performing below my expectations… I just wanted him to do the best that he could. For that reason it was such a relief to see how nurturing and accommodating Sam’s tutor was with him. The sessions were so positive, and Sam really responded to it. I would highly recommend any of their tutors, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to go with them.

-Susie Kachikian